Michelin – Yearly Country Dealership Meetings

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European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry (ESCD) is one of the leading scientific societies in Europe, with a tradition of more than 17 years of organizing dental events. Our annual event (ESCD Annual Meeting) is every year a major event on the map of international dental congresses gathering people from all over the world: USA, China, India, Russia and of course Europe.

ESCD Annual meetings are held once a year in order to provide the latest scientific information, to present different program, workshops, trade exhibitions and social events to the delegates. The standard of education is excellent, with world-class lecturers regularly presenting.


Even in this difficult time we are facing, ESCD is reinventing itself by organizing one of the most complex digital congress made so far and offering to the participants: 2 days running live sessions on 2 main podiums, Q&A session, live moderators, live interviews with speakers and people from the industry and last but not least a 3D exhibition with direct access with the companies.


For their 17th event ESDC turned to MyConnector’s virtual event platform, as it proved to cover all of their needs, be a reliable partner and can adapt to all the customizations needed.


The 17th edition of the event was a real success, combining 43 sessions in 27 hours of content.

With an attendance of 325 participants and with a very good feedback post event, a new session will follow in December 2020.

Client loved the flexibility that the platform allowed in terms of privacy, custom branding as well as its incredible support team. Also, the fact that all the features needed to deliver the event were built in, with no 3rd party integration needed, made a difference as well, as the whole experience ran very smooth.