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for virtual, hybrid and in-person events.

MyConnector is the swiss knife of event management platforms. Flexible enough to accommodate almost any use case, and complex enough to cover all the fine details that agencies need and clients love.

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Designed for the future. Tailored to your needs.


Started as a unique leads retrieval & ticket management solution, back in 2010, rapidly ascended as a top contender and a quality resource for the biggest event in CEE.

By 2020, the plans have changed and the company decided it is time to invest all the know-how and technical support into a dedicated online platform that can offer flexible digital and hybrid solutions for any corporate event, worldwide.

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MyConnector is for everyone.

Who can use MyConnector

It doesn’t really matter how your event is structured, as MyConnector can adapt to any type of environment, tool or situation. We have designed our solution so it can include more than just hybrid events.

Do you think of something new, that’s not on the board? You might be worried that it wasn’t done before? Ask us and you will have a pleasant surprise.

Fairs & Trade Shows


Online Courses



Networking events

Breakout sessions

Interactive Webinars

Online Courses

Breakout sessions

Medical events

All the tools you need

In a single platform


Expo Area

With MyConnector’s powerful 3D engine you can design and deliver immersive 100% customizable environments, where brands can expose their message in the most flexible way.

Lead generation & Product presentations are at the core of this experience.

Live streaming

From a simple laptop camera cu the most sophisticated live studio,
you can produce, direct and distribute video content in any imaginable way.

Gamification & Engagement

We know it’s hard to have them onboard. We know it’s critical for them to stay. To enjoy and to consume content. And then to spread the word. Therefore we’ve designed the best engagement tool set available out there.

Full Support

Being here to help is the core of our philosophy. We are next to you, step by step so that you spend your time on what is important. No research, no unnecessary mistakes, no trial& error.

Bye bye long learning curve.

Attendee Management

From the moment they find out about the event, to the last follow-up email, we help you monitor and customize every touch point from your event participant’s journey. 

Content driven

No matter you participate to learn new things, to meet new people, to promote your brand or connect with your peers, content will always be King.

Automated behavioural targeting

People are different when it comes to events. Some are super focused, some are explorers. Some can dedicate an hour, some a full day.

Enhance each visitor’s experience by making more visible what matters most to them.

Kind words of trust

Our Happy Clients

We organized our first exclusively online event using MyConnector. The platform allows integration of different types of content, it has an extraordinary expo area that make clients miss less the offline exhibitions and it provides different technichalities, like the poll option, that can lead to quite an interactive event.

Carmen Lazarescu

Communication – Europe Central South, Michelin

MyConnector was instrumental for reinventing our events in the new context. It prooved to be a huge success, as we managed to reach a broader audience, doubleing the traffic to our conference, to more than 6000 attendees. We found the right tool that allows multiple branding and promotion options.

Dragos Gheban

Managing Partner, Catalyst Solutions

RIUF is one of the first projects that started using MyConnector since its primary version. The ongoing improvement of the software transformed it to be one of the best assets we offer to our clients during the events we organize. It is efficient, easy to personalize, user-friendly and the team behind MyConnector makes it a reliable partner.

Vladimir Deliu

Project Manager, RIUF