All the tools you need

In a single platform


Expo Area

With MyConnector’s powerful 3D engine you can design and deliver immersive 100% customizable environments, where brands can expose their message in the most flexible way.

Lead generation & Product presentations are at the core of this experience.

Powerful tools for sponsorship value

A large variety of custom branding options

A crisp expo area and a simple navigation


Design your 3D content and customize it

Media rich tools to present your products

Real-time design update

Live streaming

From a simple laptop camera cu the most sophisticated live studio,
you can produce, direct and distribute video content in any imaginable way.

Design your custom virtual stages

Publish your streams to other platforms

Built in notification system for live streams

Integrate your livestream from other sources

1 to 1 or 1 to many streaming options

Gamification & Engagement

We know it’s hard to have them onboard. We know it’s critical for them to stay. To enjoy and to consume content. And then to spread the word.

Therefore we’ve designed the best engagement tool set available out there.

Gamification engine to track and reward actions

Immersive environment and easy navigation

Up to date Analytics tool

Notifications and live feed options


Create polls and surveys

Full Support

Being here to help is the core of our philosophy. We are next to you, step by step so that you spend your time on what is important. No research, no unnecessary mistakes, no trial& error.

Bye bye long learning curve.

We take a consultative approach

You will have a dedicated account manager

Custom development for complex projects

Our expertise is available for your partners

Attendee Management

From the moment they find out about the event, to the last follow-up email, we help you monitor and customize every touch point from your event participant’s journey. 


Manage tickets and registration forms

Set the payment and attendee communication


Go Live! and interact with the customer

Manage your leads post event

Content driven

No matter you participate to learn new things, to meet new people, to promote your brand or connect with your peers, content will always be King. 


Easy management of a multi-track Agenda

Bookmarks to link Sessions, Speakers, Booths and more

Your Briefcase to store leaflets, certificates, diplomas and more


Custom breakout rooms

Flexible formats to deliver content on stages

Automated behavioural targeting

People are different when it comes to events. Some are super focused, some are explorers. Some can dedicate an hour, some a full day.

Enhance each visitor’s experience by making more visible what matters most to them.


Fully automated behaviour based notification system


Analyse and match networking opportunities


Recommend sponsored content, at the right time with the right message



Natural, useful, non-intrusive messaging system


100% customizable by the organizer

Lead generation

Designed to increase your lead generation