Michelin – Yearly Country Dealership Meetings

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The Michelin Group is the global leader in tyre manufacturing with a presence in over 170 countries.

The event

Every year, Michelin Central and Southern Europe, runs a series of country dealership meetings. Attended yearly by ~100 partners, each event is pivotal for preparing the next year country strategy.


Who do we turn to, as we have never done this before? Who should we trust?

Make sure virtual onboarding runs smooth as some partner were not that used with new technologies

Short lead time to deliver the event

How do we communicate about new products and programs in a compelling manner?

How to really engage the partner network in a virtual setting?


For their series of 3 events Michelin turned to MyConnector’s virtual event platform, as it proved to cover 100% of their needs, and it secured a smooth transition from an in-person event to an online event.

Modules used

Registration – built in custom registration engine, which allowed different registration forms for each event and import of additional data

Event & Agenda editor – easy data input for speakers’ profile and session details

Live streaming from studio & Remote speakers
Video content streaming was done from various sources as there was one central studio with a moderator and guests, as well as speakers that entered from various locations around the world.

Live translations – The event had parallel English/Romanian and Greek audio channels





Networking module – for attendees to engage speakers and other participants

Q&A and Pooling – used as engagement tools for product sessions and contest.

Personalized 3D booths with chat and video call – for every product line a 3D booth was setup and visitors could talk directly to an account manager, could download products files and watch preloaded product videos

Custom Entrace/Expo Map/Lobby
The whole environment was customized with Michelin branding, and adapted to client’s needs.

Report & Post event surveys
Overall attendance figures, live content consumption report for each session and booth attendance were the most appreciated reports.


The first event was meant as a trial run to validate that MyConnector is the right platform for Michelin CEE to deliver hybrid and virtual events.

With an attendance of 95% from the registered participants and with a very good feedback post event, two more events followed in the very next month.

Client loved the flexibility that the platform allowed in terms of custom branding as well as its incredible support team. Also, the fact that all the features needed to deliver the event were built in, with no 3rd party integration needed, made a difference as well, as the whole experience ran very smooth.